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The client centered services provided by the Stress Reduction Spot reduce tension and teach positive coping mechanisms which may allow the client to gain relief, become free from stressors, regain control and move forward in life. 

The Stress Reduction Spot is for those that experience Anxiety, Compassion Fatigue, Depression, Grief, Panic Attacks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Trauma. STREST is for those that want an improved quality of life. The Stress Reduction Spot is not a good choice for those that have substance abuse issues or those diagnosed with certain psychiatric disorders, and we will decline to establish a relationship in those instances. Referrals will be provided upon request.

Each confidential session is typically fifty minutes, however, Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) services vary and could last up to three hours per session. Applied Metapsychology is used, specifically TIR techniques, to resolve traumatic stress that results when one has a trauma exposure. Upon completion or upon reaching an end point, a reduction in tension may occur.


Following an evaluation of stressors, client centered services include Life Stress Reduction (LSR) techniques which result in clarity for the client. Case plans are prepared based on client needs. The Stress Reduction Spot allows the client to choose what they do and do not want to discuss based upon their interest levels in processing potential issues and reducing certain stressors. Upon completion of Life Stress Reduction, the client may be able to view and manage life more effectively.


We have all experienced loss in our lives. Difficult and painful losses are not limited to the loss of a spouse, parent, child, relative or pet. The loss of employment or a marriage or a home can also prove devastating. In addition, such things as a reduction in quality of life or a child going to college can create grief or sadness. Complicated or anticipatory grief may also occur. Losses tend to be connected. Unfortunately, when a prior loss is not processed or grieved, a current loss could become emphasized for a client. Once this occurs, life can seem overwhelming. It is significant to review all losses in one’s life. Loss can cause stress and impact one’s body, both emotionally and physically. Each person grieves in a different manner and based on a variety of factors. Compassionate and confidential client centered services are offered.


Following an evaluation, client centered services include Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) techniques. TIR involves the repetition of re-experiencing a trauma in a safe and trustworthy environment. TIR allows the client to confront the trauma thereby reducing the negative effects. Earlier similar incidents are also processed. Methods of unblocking are utilized. Exercises and practices vary per client’s needs. Individualized specific treatments are used.

Reduce stress, loss and trauma!
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