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A psychological impact is present, to include mental and physical health consequences, when stress, loss and trauma issues are not acknowledged and processed. Each person handles stress differently. While negative coping mechanisms may exist, it is imperative teach healthy coping mechanisms. Quite often, we are not properly taught how to handle, react and respond to life’s challenges. We tend to repeat what we do not repair. Therefore, by acknowledging an area in which change is necessary we can examine our behavioral patterns and ensure that unhealthy patterns are not passed down to the next generation.

It is paramount to encourage resiliency; to offer hope; to teach one to effectively manage stress by processing stressors; and to help one view their trauma as opposed to having one cope in a negative fashion after a trauma exposure. The process begins with acknowledgment, insight and understanding. By reducing stress, loss and trauma, one is capable of addressing life’s challenges productively thereby gaining the ability to function at optimum levels.

The Stress Reduction Spot provides stress, loss and trauma reduction services for those that are suffering from anxiety, those that are grieving or those that have been traumatized. Services benefit those suffering from compassion fatigue, those that have had a trauma exposure or those that have the desire to reduce stress levels in order to lead a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. If you are STREST, The Stress Reduction Spot is the place for you!

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